About Axon Group

Axon Group is a Colombian company of international standing, constituted under a Limited Liability Company in 2009 , with the vision and technology to provide solutions to a cross- sector automation, in order to enhance the growth and evolution of the domestic industry, making it more efficient and competitive , which consequently leads to greater progress and prosperity for society.
In AXON GROUP believe in a comprehensive development , and care about the welfare of our employees and customers , designing and developing usable and maintainable software solutions to manage our projects with the highest standards of quality, providing the best support and increased confidence to our solutions.
We also share with our clients the knowledge and experience trained for years, providing training specialists in each subject they propose strategies to address the technical challenges of a dynamic and growing sector. We want to be the company that understands your needs , and offers real solutions and compatible with its surroundings.
In AXON GROUP we are better able to focus on ethics and corporate responsibility .

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